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Same goal every time -- a happier journey from a smarter selling process


We're using new tools to put smart into selling a home

Our easy 6 step process

1SmarterListing is the Smarter Way

Traditional home selling is flawed – hidden fees, surprise costs. When you’ve had enough of conventional overpriced home selling, let us show you how SmarterListing changes everything.

2SmarterListing Measures Real Performance

You’re smart – use our 100% customized process and customized analytics to ID the best agents based on real performance data only we have. Our full disclosure = highest savings.

3Results-Driven Choices

You decide what’s important and we connect you with the top performers. You interview and choose the best. SmarterListing is there with unbiased guidance & oversight.

4Competitive Bids Save More

Throughout your sales process, SmarterListing will scrutinize all the documents and all the closing cost providers. Real estate has never known transparency and unbiased help like this and you never pay a fee.

5Close with Confidence

Your role? Relax, SmarterListing has you covered. Ask any question and know you’ll get real answers.

6Review Your Dollar Savings

SmarterListing’s unique post-sale report tabulates your savings and lets you see what really happened.

There is a smarter way to sell a home.
We have the power to change the way real estate is done
A way that puts serving you first
Where PROTECTING YOU and your money comes first
A promise to help you earn MORE
Sell FASTER because your time is your money
NO CONTRACTS that benefit us and trap you
Where transparency is the rule
Where everyone competes for your business
Where you keep THE CONTROL
About Us

Too often real estate has been shrouded with mystery and obscured fees. Agents were given contracts based on relationships, not results. Sellers lost control of their largest lifetime financial transaction to a friend or neighbor, not because they picked the highest performing agent.

There is a better way.

The SmarterListing process revolutionizes the conventional selling process and makes it:

Transparent (see the fees so you can pick the best service providers),
Faster (work with agents statistically proven to drive results)
Manageable (results drive the relationship, not sticky contracts)
Lucrative (get the best asking prices and manage both hidden and known fees)

Come…join us for a new way to sell homes and take back the control.

About Annie Toffel

Annie Toffel (DRE #01900348), and her team at Partners Real Estate, spent over 15 years working deep in the trenches of real estate where the idea of using a new model to put the seller first and in control was born. Then, the SmarterListing team developed analytical tools that bring the power of science to selling and leverages technology. Finally, Annie and her team developed a process that gives the seller confidence in their agent, competitive bids for all service providers, and full knowledge of the fees they pay. Working better is what SmarterListing is all about.

I didn’t know there was a better way…

Founded by real estate insiders, SmarterListing is the reinvented model that works better — and you never pay a fee (the agent pays us)

Is there that much difference?

Get a better asking price, compare bids, see every fee, sell faster – one of your largest lifetime transactions protected with the newest results-driven home selling model

Doesn’t the traditional selling process work?

Hidden fees, inconsistent service, slow moving sales – you lose control and choice. There is a better way and you’ll enjoy the process.

I was just going to hire my – (cousin) (friend) (neighbor)…?

Invite friends to dinner — only invite the best agents to earn your business. Let our index show you who and how.

Doesn’t data lie?

Use technology to drive great decisions. With yardsticks like units sold, total dollar sales, geographic sales, industry tenure, and professional standing you’ll choose from only the best — no contracts — just results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SmarterListing Different?

Perspective: We always start working for the seller and only the seller and we insist that your needs drive the entire process from start to finish.


Agents: The best agents in the business should earn the work and we use our extensive data to select them. Then we let you choose the agent you like best.


Competitive Bids: Whenever there is a cost, we will make sure competitive bids give you greatest control and confidence in the process.


Transparency: You always have complete understanding of what you’ve spent and how the process works.


Always. Our guarantee.

How do you identify top agents?

As real estate professionals and insiders, we’ve developed a method to pull data from several sources to measure yardsticks as units sold, total dollar sales, geographic sales, industry tenure, professional standing and industry reputation. From there, we use our unique ranking system that only looks at results to choose the top performers.

How will I save money by using SmarterListing?

From the day we meet, our charter is to make home selling better and easier so that our primary goal is met – a profitable closing for you. We use three primary tools: the best agents who price the home well and sell it quickly, competitive bids for all services, and a highly open process for complete confidence.

How does SmarterListing get paid?

No fees, no contracts, no agenda – SmarterListing is paid by the listing agent you choose.

How can I avoid hurting my prior agent relationship?

Invite your agent to the listing presentation along with our analytically selected agents. With all agents competing for your business equally, you’ll make an informed decision that drives results, not an emotional one that may or may not work.

How else can SmarterListing help me?

Our team is expansive with expertise all along the buying and selling process, including refinancing, short sales, loan modifications, etc. Doing whatever it takes to make the selling process profitable for you simply means we’ll do what it takes to help you or find a resource that can.

Can I buy a home using SmarterListing?

While we specialize in helping sellers, we know equally as much about the home buying process and guide buyers using the same principles: protect you and your money, focus on saving you more, transparency, competition, no contracts.

How long does it take to get started with SmarterListing?

A simple phone call will begin the process to a better home sale. We realize your time is money although our highly customized process means we toss aside cookie cutter approaches and take the time to learn about your specific needs to find the right agent. We won’t let things drag but we will make sure they are done right.

How long has SmarterListing been around?

After spending years working with the traditional real estate models, our passion for doing it the right way led to the smarter way to sell in 2008.

How do agents feel about your new business model?

The best performing agents know their results speak for themselves and they are eager to work with us. They know they will compete with other top performers and while they may not be chosen every time, their affiliation with SmarterListing validates their accomplishments as specialists. Without hidden agendas, our transparency gives them an equal opportunity to work with smart home sellers.

Do Your Agents Use the MLS and Other Traditional Tools?

Yes, while we may do things very differently from the traditional process, we definitely leverage all the tools (including established selling tools) that will earn you more and work faster. We’re about smarter and better in every way.

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